Need Master Bone advice plus general rigging advice

I’m making an educational character, just to keep using the various skills involved in making one.

Anyway, can you possibly take a look at this please?

My most specific question is how do I make the newly added master bone (selected in pic) move the character around…but also if you think my rig really sucks in some ways please say about it, so I can try other things.

Or if you can suggest an area of rigging I could practise, that would be good.
Rigging bores me to be honest, compared to modeling and animating. I wish it were simpler, or my skills more adequete already! :wink:



This page, from the BSOD documentation describes the master bone and how to create it.

Hi OBI_Ron
That tutorial is the basis for all my rigging know how, but the rig there doesn’t work with this model as-is.

Make it the first bone you add (Root Bone) so all subsequent bones are in a child-heirarchy of that bone. Or you can manually rearrange all your bones to be sequentially children of the bone you’re using now.


Ok Thanks.