Need modeler, texture artist, and cinema animator

I work for a company called Mantagames. A few months ago, I started a test build for a game called First Recon. The test was made in a few days, but I did not have enough time nor resources to continue with the project. Now that it is summer however, I want to start back up on the game.

What is First Recon
First Recon is a first person shooter that takes place in modern day. It’s setting will be anywhere around the world. The games main gamemode will be “Terrorists” verses “Operatives”; the two teams will have objectives that the other team needs to prevent.

Positions I need

  • 3d modeler (to create low-poly but high detail models) TAKEN
  • 3d texture artist (to work with the 3d modeler in order to create textures to work with UVmapped models) TAKEN
  • 3d cinematic animator (to create an intro animation for the game)
  • sound designer (sound effects)
  • composer (background music)

Payment Specifics

  • I will pay $20 to the modeler per requested model
  • I will pay $25 to the texture artist per requested texture
  • I will pay $100 to the animator for a 60 second long intro animation which meets my criteria
  • I will pay a negotiable amount to the sound designer
  • I will pay $35 dollars to the composer per 60 seconds of a requested composition

Extra Details

  • My skype: orange4513 (please contact me with that)
  • This is not a commercial project

is this a JOKE!?..
sorry had to say it.

Hi, I thought the same thing. Not intended to be trolling this thread, because you always can say “if you don’t agree with these payments don’t apply for”, but perhaps you didn’t know what’s the typical rates or hours involved in this kind of work. Sure you’ll find someone/people in some countries who is going to agree with this, but I think you should multiply most of your proposed prices by 5 if you are expecting positive answers from true professionals in US, Europe and many other countries.

I think orange, that it will be unlikely to find anybody for this, perhaps you might want to inform yourself on the time and efforts it takes to do these things, especcially 100 dollars for one minute of animation is really kind of a unrealistic order. i think even in india you cannot find anyone for this.


Some people apply to do this kind of work for free, so I don’t think it’s the case that he won’t find anyone. I wouldn’t expect any quality though, because advanced artists are not that cheap.
Basically, multiply prices by 5, and I would apply.

More than anything – Orange – never post your email in the forums. robots troll forums and take any email they can find so they can exploit it. I would request PM rather than posting your email.

I don’t know how many composers you will find on this forum. But I’m one :stuck_out_tongue: and I was interessted in what kind of music you wanted.

Just to put my tuppence worth, orange is perfectly within reason to offer such prices. Anyone trying to get a foothold in the professional market with spare time on their hands could really make a go of it. Of course that means that orange is not getting professional quality work, but if you look at his game progress so far, I don’t think that’s a problem. He is not aiming for what we would regard as professional artwork or modelling for that matter.

If I wanted professional quality work, I would post professional quality prices. I have had many offers in every single position already, and the quality of what I am getting is quite good for what I need. Thanks for giving your two sense though; much appreciated.