Need modelers

Im making a fps game,its military style not call of duty type.Modelers will be recognized :yes:,it can be models not so higth poly,no need to be a pro for this job:RocknRoll:

i need voice actors for my military fps,as of now i need a strong voice for protagonist,a voice for secondary(doesnt matter voice type) and i need extras,anyone can do it,NOTE:voice actors will be talking trash as the game is rated 18+:ba:

I need people who can work good with scripts for my military fps,scripters will be recognized:yes:

i need animators for my military fps,they will be provided with models to animate and they will be recognized.:eyebrowlift:

Merged your threads into a single post. If you’re only going to give one line of detail about the project (and it’s the same line), you really only need one thread.

will like to help pm me a can model charcters weapons(specialty) and enviroments

Why do I get the feeling this is someone that just downloaded blender today for the first time ever and instantly thinks they are going to jump into making the next Arma?


Ummm… Maybe because you’ve seen it… once… or twice… or a thousand times… before? ::shrug:: People learn from their mistakes. We support learning, don’t we? :evilgrin:

Nah, what you need is measuring the scale of what you’re doing. And then planning. Without both of these, you’ll end up like this. Whether you try Blender for the first time or not.

Modelers, voice actors, animators, and scripters - And what exactly are YOU going to do in this project? :smiley: