need more control on unwrapping

Hi all !

Am currently playin with AO bake… This is awesome, but…

the problem i got is that when i unwrap my models ( with lightmap unwrap ) they’re separated in tris and quads.
Sometimes i’d like to keep some surfaces ( like the one of a plate for example ) as-is.
Unfortunately, the UV pin feature is reset by an lightmap unvrap. of course i’m not force to unwrap the plate mesh, but if y do this, as the LM unwrap takes all the texture space i need a bigger texture for the automatic UVs and for the ones of my plate…

What i would need and this would really be great ! is that:

  • lightmap unwrap don’t change the pinned UVs and therefore, unwraps the unpined ones around the pinned ones in 2D view. This 1st feature would be AWESOME ! and would give all the needed control over all possible cases encoutered when unwrapping for ambient occlusion
  • when unwrapping lightmap, there was a square or rectangle control of where the faces are unwrapped in the 2D view. This woul allow trimming the aspect ration of the unwrap without messing in the spaces between islands ( scaling an UV islands set in a non 1:1 aspect ratio fucks up the space between islands and make the AO texels blur on the faces near each other ) ( this feature would be less important than the 1st one…

So the question is: Is there some ppl able to change those things in the unwrap engine ? The unwrap system seems to be kinda prehistoric compared to some blender feature. Would be good to enhance it a bit for ease of use :slight_smile:

Any ideas / answers about this ?

Happy blending !