Need more realism in my render...

I have this scene, almost every texture has a color,normal and spec map, i have 3 sources of light, world is set to sky with a power of around 0.1 and im using cycles…

Still it looks very unreal to me… i have tried using more bounces ( full globlal illumination ) but not a big change…

any tips on making it look better ? more realistic ? No hrdi, gonna try that now…

thanks !

PS: I have seen blenderguru’s tut on relistic texturing


1200 samples, full global illumination…
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Thanks !

Usually it’s the little things we don’t even think about. Geometrically… which is a strange word to use, the scene is okay. You have some nice detail in the furniture and rails, which might be too contrasting to the door texture on rather plain geometry.

I think it is the space in the front which poses the bigger problem - there are some details missing in general: like any noticeable texture on the left wall or a logical source for ivy. Like the brick wall at the base of the background wall. Speaking of the background, the mirror gives off some surrealism - what I said about imperfections, you need it here. That mirror is simply too reflective, it’s almost like there’s another room there. You might do well with more geometry in the scene. You could also add a sky texture to the background. some clouds on an evening sky and make sure the sun is in the proper place on that one.

Personally I find the lighting a bit off. For instance, try tungsten color temperature for the lamp (3200K) in stead of white, and something equal or even hotter for the candle. The top is a bit too…blue, too deep or saturated for my tastes. there’s a lighter streak across the roof too, which has no logical or defined source so that’s strange. You would not believe how much details like these can do for a scene. Talk about subliminal messaging. :smiley:

Thanks i have worked on it a bit more look… ill write more on what i did after… goingto bed now :slight_smile:


What I find unreal about your image is that you are not featuring any one light. You are going for an overall balanced look and thus a boring lighting occurs. Try lighting the entire scene from that one sconce on the wall. Turn off the sky lighting, pick a color for the wall lamp sconce. Exaggerate shadows, etc… What makes a great image is the mood of a scene. Put a candle on the table?

I was watching a show yesterday and noticed one scene was lit entirely as a blue monochromatic shot. It worked for that shot.

Totally, i had a backlight i had forgotten and was there… now i also turned off the wall light… a bit better but it still looks like an illustration rather than a photo…

any more tips ? ill try to go even more dramatic with the lighting and add a candle atom :slight_smile:
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