Need new ideas

So I’ve kinda encountered an artists block lately, and haven’t really figured out any major project I want to start, or anything to model for that matter. Any suggestions?

(Didn’t really know where else to post this, I figured “support” :smiley: would be the best area haha)

I would suggest participating in some sort of a contest. Because of the ‘theme’ and ‘time limit’ factors, you will be encouraged to use (and improve!) your skills in an efficient way. Also, there’s simply the thrill of participating in a contest and seeing other entries (and maybe winning?)

The Weekend Challenge (hosted right here on BlenderArtists) is a really good one.

Another, the Weekday Challenge is a little different and very fun as well. And if you’re into animation, there’s the Blender Animation Challenge. Both these are found in the Contests subforum.

Hope this helps,


Actually, today, you simply cannot have not enough ideas. Just google it! It is a brain storming turbo engine. Just punch in some key words, than bang!

Pick a letter of the alphabet. Think of as many words as you can that start with that letter & write them down as you think of them. A dictionary helps. Each word will bring up many ideas and thoughts. Then it’s just a matter of picking one (or more) and go from there.