Need new LCD monitor recommendations

I am in desperate need for some comp monitor screen recommendations. The 17" Philips i had for 5 years just died on me last light and all i have are two old small 15" CTX monitors that are too blue or to blurry. So i need a new monitor.
I am looking in on LCDs, because i do not have the space for a CRT and they use up lass energy.
No speakers.
I am looking for a 17" or 19" monitors that are cheap and have good color.

Around @$100-$250 price range.
Are there any recommendations.

I would go with at least a 19", especially since you are doing graphic work. LCDs are really cheap now, i just picked up a 21" wide BenQ for 270 Canadian dollar. Nowdays most LCDs have the same image quality, since more than half of the actual panel are manufactures in one place (sorry can’t remember the name of the company anyore).

Sure there is the response time difference, but unless you are a serious gamer (or someone who multitask so fast that the screen is a blur), anyhing under 18ms is good enough. If i were you, i would just pick the cheapest, biggest monitor from a reputable reseller. :smiley: