need new OS

Im using windows 98 and Ive had it for some time now but because of microsoft’s 'life cycle policy, Im gonna change to linux but i cant download it.u c, when i click on the download i want the site takes me to an index which gets me really confused.

Can any help me out please

I’d reccomend Xubuntu, since your computer is probably a little old.

right click and save this file:

and then I’d use DeepBurner (which is free) to burn the CD. If you really can’t figure out how to make a CD, Ubuntu can send you some disks for free. Or I could mail you one.

thanx but i still dont kno wat they mean by ‘cd images’ cant i jus download the exe file?


no, disk images are virtual CDs, just a whole bunch of data that can be burnt to an actual disk. then when your computer starts up, it boots the disk and installs the OS.

it can’t be an .exe file, that’s like trying to install an OS in another OS

You have much to learn pctopgs. :wink:

When burning the .iso to cd you cant just drag it to the cd. Most programs like Nero’s or K3B have a Create Project menu something like New Project > ISO image. Although this varries.

Once it burned to a cd, place it in your cd/dvd drive and open it, if you see a bunch of folder and not 1 file with the ending .iso, then you can boot from it.

Restart your machine and it should load from the cd/dvd drive.

If it doesnt your going to have to go into your BIOS and tell it to load from cd/dvd drive first.

Not to discourage you from Linux (there are many fine Linux OSes) but you do realize that Win98 isn’t just going to suddenly stop working now that support is discontinued.

As knellotron said, your computer is probably a little old, so why not just keep it going with 98 until you get another one. Don’t browse with IE and don’t use Outlook Express, and most of the security holes for 98 are gone (it doesn’t run services like XP).

pctopgs, it honestly doesn’t sound like you’re the kind of person that ought to be using Linux. At least not yet.

As it stands right now, even the easiest-to-use distributions of Linux–such as Ubuntu–still require quite a bit of technical knowledge to get certain things up and running, and it sounds like that’s knowledge that you don’t have at this point (if you don’t know what a CD image is, then you probably don’t know enough to be using Linux).

If you have a Linux-guru friend that lives near you, then it’s more feasible. He could help you install and setup Linux, and teach you how to use it. And he could help you out whenever you have problems. But if you don’t have a friend like that, then I strongly recommend sticking to Windows.

And I’m not saying this as someone who loves Microsoft. Indeed, I actually feel dirty whenever I boot into Windows. I’m a big Linux fan, and I use it as my primary OS. But Linux just isn’t for everyone. Not yet, anyway.

thanks guys ill stick with win98 then

Stck with Win98 atm, but do some research into Linux and a Distro, do some research into Xubuntu for your machine. There are tutorials out there to help you get along. If you have any weird peripherals, like modem, web camera, graphics tablet, see if there supported.

And generally figure out what needs to be done. So your not jumping in at the deep end.

I’ll start you off:

The site has a bunch of info on installing. And figuring out what todo set by step. Read through it and if you dont understand anything just ask. :slight_smile:

Then if you feel comfortable enough you can try installing it.

Don’t forget there are LiveCD’s to run on your old computer and to try out linux before you take the step to install it, that is the best way to try Linux without installing it. Latest Ubuntu (or Xubuntu I belive) is LiveCD where you can install it from an icon on the desktop when you feel ready for it.