Need Photo-Realistic video of someone entering elevator interior and going up


My name is Mario Salinas. I live in Los Angeles. I have an idea for an invention of a safety modification for exiting elevators in an emergency situation.

I am working on creating a working prototype in hopes of being able to find some real funding to develop a marketable product. This brings me to why I am posting here. Because I am working on developing a patentable solution, I need an animator to create, per my specifications, the foundation of video that I will later add layers on to. I have no CGI skills but I do have some video skills.

What I need will require actual animation for the first 20 to 30 seconds and then the rest of the 3 to 6 minutes can basically be a still image. that I will superimpose floor number indicators onto for the rest of the finished video.

Yes… This will be paid and I will be paying for it out of pocket. I’m just a guy with an idea and am pretty resourceful when I need to be. This video is going to be for the purposes of getting some external funding to develop this idea further.

I am going to provide a couple of links to the level of quality I’m hoping to achieve and one link to a video that simulates gravity in the animation’s camera work below.

  1. I saw this video on YouTube and enjoyed it very much ( I especially like the way, at the 6 second mark, the camera angle has a slight motion to it, making it look like the camera is hand-held by a very good operator or flown on a Stedi-Cam rig.

  2. The second example of what I like is the illusion of gravity is this video:

What I like is the fact that at 16 seconds how the camera reacts {dipping} when the bowling ball drops.

The reason that this camera movement is an issue at all is that I want the impression that the camera angle is affected by gravity as the elevator begins it’s ascendance.

I am wondering what your (the artist’s) schedule looks like to deliver two animations that are a total of about 6 minutes worth of finished product. And, how you go about charging for something like this work.

To be clear, you may realize that what I want done may be more or less difficult to do than I may be imagining. Once you read the entire spec we will both have a better idea. As I mentioned above, most of the actual animation happens in the first 20 seconds and then the rest of it is simply still images that I will superimpose other materials onto.

I realize anyone will need more details to be able to give some close approximation as to they’d charge for this work and I’m prepared to send a detailed specification of what it is I want.

There is one more thing that may need to be done but price determines if I do it or not. I would like to have a few people animated as well. These people would need to dress in business attire and look as if they’re waiting for an elevator or riding in an elevator (i.e. texting, talking to one another or making a call).

Furthermore, they would be a separate animation from the elevator. The intent would be to superimpose them looking proportionate to the size of the elevator as an added layer of video.

Please provide the following:

  1. A couple of samples of your work (one of architectural interior and the other of people).

  2. A ballpark (high-low) range of what this may cost.

  3. Your availability and rough guesstimate for a timeframe to complete this project… And;

  4. A request for me to send along the more specific description of what I would like to accomplish so we can get closer to some agreement.

Thank you,

Mario A. Salinas


I can help in this.

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Hi !
I’m 3d animator, I sent you a PM with details about my portfolio and your project realisation.
Contact me at [email protected] to discuss more about it.