Need photorealistic 3d human face model from photograph

Seeking experienced artist to create photorealistic 3d model of a human face that captures the uncanny likeness of the subject, based off a photograph. Budget for the project is $500. Please only inquire if you have portfolio samples of photorealstic human face including skin texture, lighting etc

Sir, I believe I can create what you are looking for. I am very good at creating Photorealistic Images of faces. Please send me your Email so I can show you Images that I have made. Thank You.


  • My name is Irinel Alexandru, I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest and I am currently studying Industrial Design and Innovative Products at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.
    I am an ambitious, creative person with an experience of more than 7 years in the creative industry.
    -My main softwares are Blender and Zbrush.
    Thank you and looking forward to collaborate!

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-Link to my Artstation profile=>

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Maybe I can help you, just let me know

eternal wip

Hi there! I’ll do it for less money you offer :slight_smile:
All of my samples I done by sense, without pictures. Like new user on this platform, I just searching for projects where I know I can do it right. Do you need model to be retopologised?
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Your stuff looks good let’s talk

Sir, My apologies, I did not post my ArtStation profile. Here it is:

Still Looking for assistance ? Let me know i can show you my work please PM me your Details