Need Photorealistic Archviz critique

Hey guys,

I’m really needing guidance on how I can improve the photo-realism of my renders. I just feel they still have that 3d quality to them, so feel free to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.


according to me :+1:
Great work, congrats.

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Personally I think the interior looks like as if it is lit by sunlight. The bounce light is really strong. As if there is a big ass light on the ceiling out of frame raining down photons. it is quite blinding.

I’d also tweak the second floor light as it doesn’t match the hdri outside. (directional wise and color temperature wise, unless there is other light sources i am missing) Right now it is more like moonshine.

The 4th shot is not focused on the table but on the facet?

Cut down on the chromatic abbreviation a bit too? it is way too strong on the final shot.

Maybe do a shot that is entire lit by day light and one with just the interior lights.


Thanks Kolloom,

if i turn down the area lights by about a half then everything starts to look drab.

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How about this for an update?


Much better. Check out Andrew’s blender guru discussions bout lighting. One of the things he points out is that Blender, by default has VERY WEAK Sun Lamps. And that to get accurate illumination they have to be ramped up hundreds of times the default level.
So, Not certain what you’re outdoor illuminating lamps are but it looks good. I think though it could be stronger.

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Much better! Don’t worry about it when things look dark. You should use the correct light values and then use the exposure slider under color management to set the brightness of your image. Don’t try to brighten things up by cranking the lights. I’m also missing some post production. Look up some tutorials on color grading and such. It’s a deep rabbit hole, but it’s what sets the great renders apart from the good.


I think your rendering looks pretty darn good. Very believable.

But the realism of the objects (furniture, room, etc) seems a little too perfect. Boxey.

For example, the grey chairs. It looks like no one has ever sat in them.

Otherwise, very nice work!

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Thanks FXR, yeah the sun has a blackbody emission node with temperature at 3700

yeah the models are actually from Chocofur and are meant to look that modern boxy look, but i might give it a go with other furniture, thanks.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Oh thanks Bart, wasn’t expecting that.

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And here’s a version using Blender Octane…

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There’s no place you can’t add more imperfection. Bevels, wrinkles on the sofas, dust, wipe marks on the floor, grunges on the ceilings. 3d model quality matters, especially where you don’t have very good GI lighting like corona or vray. Cycles definietly not the best at interiors, so we have to make it up by using great 3d models. One last thing, you can add a very big and grey ground plane to have more bouncing light in the interiors. Keep up the good work !!