Need pics of spaceships

(the wave) #1

Hi! I’m looking for some good pictures of spaceships. I want to model the spaceships in Blender. Anyone know of some good resources?

(rwv01) #2

Well you could do a search for Star Wars, Star Trek, B5, Nasa, or any others you wish, but why not just invent your own? Create a new paradigm! :slight_smile:

(the wave) #3

I thought about making my own. But I’m more of a beginner and i think it’d be easier to find some pics. Thanks man

(cohort) #4

You can find a bunch of two/three-view “blueprints” of ships from Star Trek and Star Wars here:

(the wave) #5

THANKS! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot.

(rwv01) #6

Wow. Nice resource, Cohort!

Forget what I said Wave! Those blueprints are too cool!

(the wave) #7

lol. they are pritty good…

(Schlops) #8

Well, not really “blueprints”: