Need previous version of 2.8

Does anyone one know where I can download yesterdays Mar 26 test build for 2.8?
In today’s build, Rigify’s IK and FK bone control tabs disappeared from the “N” panel. (Nothing was changed from my last save before downloading newest version)

Normally I would just wait it out, but I’m right in the middle of a project.


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You can try and find the rigify options using the space bar in blender. I believe if you can find blender’s download server you should find the old snapshots.

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I believe yesterday’s /BlenderRigify was completely broken and would not actually load. That’s fixed in today’s version currently downloadable. It was a fix to deal with changes in the python API I believe, and the issue may be related to the fact that the scripts Rigify generates for your rig (which go along with the .blend file and so you don’t even need the add-on after that) need to be re-generated to work with the latest 2.80.

Try creating a quick new rig from scratch and see if those panels show up. If that works then you may just need to get Rigify to re-generate the scripts for your existing rigs (I’m not a Rigify user so I don’t know exactly how you do this).

So you need something older than yesterday if you want things working the way that they were before.

Some info in the dev task linked in:

It’s possible to check-out the Blender source code and add-on code to a specific commit point and build Blender as of that version, but that takes some work to set up if you’ve never compiled Blender yourself before.

Professional users never update their tools during a project for reasons which should now be apparent. Most film productions for example will be using tool versions that are several years old because they know how to make those specific versions work reliably in their pipeline. So if you choose to live dangerously, always save every version you download!

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@Zoot @humanartist Thanks for the suggestion guys. It looks like todays build brought the Missing N Panel Rigify options back up. :slight_smile:

@Zoot I definitely know the professional MO for working paid gigs on trusted equipment only, coming from the video production world. :slight_smile: I learned that lesson when I was younger.

I’ve started on Blender 2.8 and it’s what I’m learning on and working with. The project I referenced isn’t a paid gig so I wasn’t stressing too much. The animation is exactly were I’m at the moment and I just didn’t want to sit idol for too long.
No matter what though, we can always find something else on a job that needs to be worked on. haha

Thanks again.


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does anyone know where to get an older beta-build from 2.8?
Yesterday everything worked finde, I saved a file… and today it doesn’t open with the latest build.
(Always crashes)