Need project help!

I am starting a new project. It´s an adventure game, taking influences from Rayman 2, Abe, mostly from Zelda, and lots of other jump and run-type games.

This is going to be a massive project.

it´s a fantasy-type game, that will have combos, realistic day and night shifting, LOADS of humor, and among other things, a cartooney look (not toon-shading!)

  I´d be needing a REALLY good scripter (or scripters), a level designer, and a musician (this i can do myself, but i´m no musical genius).

I can do character modelling, realtime-movies, textures, and (some) parts of level creation.

Also, i´m going to make a small web-site to give people information about what the game should become. I´ll let everyone know when its online.

Post a reply here if you´re interested.

I can be a level designer and a musician. I can send you a song I wrote, made with Fruityloops.
What kind of music are you looking for?

Don’t underestimate my power!!

P.S. I work for free. :smiley:


What’s your E-Mail?

Seriously, I could help you out a lot. I’ve alwayss wanted to make music for games. No, really!

i like level designing. i can do that for ya (for free too). all you’d have to do is tell me what u want on it.