Need python developer to fix animated custom properties exporter.

I need help from an experienced blender python developer to polish a functioning script.

I am using blender to create cutout animations for characters for my game Ray’s the Dead. Turning on and off of parts is controlled by animating a custom property. I wrote a python script that exports these animated properties to a text file. The script works ninety percent of the time but it occasionally will write incorrect data on certain similarly named properties. The script is also pretty slow, most likely that’s because its not written that well. I need an experienced coder to fix the export errors and optimize where possible. Applicants should expect some interaction with me as we validate the script’s output.

This should be a quick project for someone with experience. I’m offering $400 for what should be no more than 2 days of work (most likely only a few hours for an experienced coder with some additional time for validation).

PM me to be considered. Applicants should be an active forum member and be able to demonstrate a level of competency by providing scripting examples or a CV. Applicants should also be able to chat via Skype or Hangouts.

I don’t know how to mark this as solved but I will just mention that I have found the required help. Thanks to all of you that reached out.