Need quick help with eevee

I have little problem with eevee and lightning:

I have made this model with emission shader in the blue spots but when you view it from angle:

The light dissapears.
What do I do to prevent that?

You should bake indirect lighting. Otherwise emissive material only have ‘screen space’ effect, so it depends on the angle you look at it.

Also check this:

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Did you bake indirect lighting after you made the emission shader?
update: Oops, @filibis answered already

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Sorry for being uneducated XD, how do I bake the lightning?

This is explained in the link he shared. You have to do what is explained there.

You could also experiment by placing there an Area lamp of the same size as your mesh light, both at the same time. You should probably need to change Clip Start values in Area lamp settings/shadows. Even you could replace the mesh light with a mesh of the same size with Translucent material. So you would not need to use probes and bake indirect lighting.