Need real help for networking fps

okay, i want to set up a game, using the client & server method. (the clients all send the server data, and then the server sends data back to the clients).

i want to keep this basic, i need a script that sends

-the location and rotation of the player-objects,

-and 2 seperate values per player (aiming and firing)

-those 2 need to be sent in realtime.

then, it also needs to send at least 2 values once per round of fighting:

-a value for what player was the winner,
-and a value to determine what map to load

If someone can do this, than i would like to see it or at least know how, becasue what i have listed above is the bare minimum (with the excpetion of the value for aiming) needed to run an online fps.

this will be used to create a simple fps, and prove that multiplayer really works in BGE


I’m going to paraphrase your post:

You want to “prove” that multiplayer works in the BGE (already done BTW, see Nanoshooter) but you have no idea how to do it and, instead of doing research and learning how to code, you want somebody else to do it all for you. Moreso, you didn’t check the resources forum, and that means you haven’t seen the huge sticky: .

See? I can be helpful AND annoyed at the same time!

Seriously, there are about a bajillion posts on this, AND there are the resources out there to help you learn. Search is your friend, and it’s the first thing that you should learn how to use to prove that you’re not a noob. That seems like something that you’re concerned with; considering your sig.

wow, that was Helpful AND Annoying. yes i know there are a cajillion threads about this. and NO i don’t read every sticky thread, every day.

and the reason i’m asking this here, is cause the search is total crap, i lock up and diess 4/5ths of the time i use it. it either cant find anything, or comes back with 1000+ posts.

and as you should know, a bajillion posts about somthing is not always very helpful

so yeah, i did the lazy thing and just posted a question. it’s not a crime (I guess it really should be)

i’ll check out nanoshooter. and just cause you gave me the link, i will check the sticky too.