Need render window Help

I have been using Blender for several months now and have been following many tutorials and have renderd many ,many ,many Animations and stills.So far my animations and still pics have renderd fine,but as of yesterday my render window is now rendering full screen over top of my viewports and its driving me nuts.I have tried the lil squares to change the placement on my screen and they do nothing.I have tried to change the size from 100% to 25% etc. and it works but the render window still takes up my whole screen even though the render itself is smaller or bigger in that screen.Any ideas how to fix this would be great,If there is different info I need to provide let me know.So far this is the only problem I have encounterd.

Perhaps you changed it to fullscreen in the Output Panel of the Rendering Subcontext of the Scene Context? Change it to render window if you like a floating window, or image editor, if you don’t but would rather not have the window cover your other windows.

Changing the output settings didnt work.Render window makes it cover the whole screen over my view ports.Image editor makes my model screen switch to uv/image editor with the buttons underneath it and the render on the top.Full screen makes it change to full screen in the UV/image editor.What id like to get it back to is the lil window that renders in the floating screen up in the right hand side over the viewport.I even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and still the same problem.On my notebook it renders just fine in the lil window up in the corner still leaving my model viewports visible.

This soo frustrating because I know its probably somthing small that I have accidentally done.