Need rig for character

(Ben) #1

I’m looking for a character rig. you can see an image of the character.
Rig needs:
Bend, stretch and squash.
Eye blink and movement and squash
Mouth needs to be bone rig
No blend shapes needed
Rig will be used on other characters with similar build.
Please send me your quote to
[email protected]

Characters can move like teapots in beauty and the beast.


(EACtron) #2

Is this a 2D rig?

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #3

Hi, I just sent you an email, please check on your spam or direct inbox. I really like your project weather it´s 2D or 3D I can do it on Blender.

(Ben) #4

Hey everyone thanks for all the emails and offers I will close this offer now as I we have found someone to do the job.
If anyone else has any experience in blender and is looking to be apart of something great don’t hesitate to email me.