Need Rigging Shortcut

Hey guys, basically i have a relatively mid/high poly model of a man. I’ve been rigging him and well 1 hand took me about 2 hours to rig and im dreading doing it again. The way I’ve rigged the hand is by using group verticies to link with bones in that armature. Is there a way to duplicate the verticy groups onto the hand or something like this so that i dont have to select and assign verticies to groups all over again. The hands and arms are symetrical.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Richard’s advice is correct, but if you don’t want to start over or you like the results you have so far …

Delete half your mesh . Add a mirror modifier and turn on all options (especially clipping and vertex groups) . Move the mirror modifier up to the top of the modifier stack . Test your set up by going into Pose Mode and posing the mirrored side . If the armature has proper L/R names and is symmetrical, you should be able to pose the mirrored side independently . Apply the mirror modifier (or not if you want to edit your mesh later) .

Thanks guys, ive stumbled onto another problem. Basically I’m having trouble making my guy walk without moving some side gear has with it. Its hard to explain but basically instead of making him pull the clothing along i want the leg to push past it in a seemingly real way. So i thought of adding a cloth modifier but because my entire thing is one object is there a way to select a group of vertices and make them into a seperate object? (If thats what i need to do)

Thanks again for any help.

you might try cage deform:

An interesting tutorial thanks but i dont think itll work in my case. Ive taken 2 screenshots to show my problem. I just realised i have 2 problems.

  1. The clothing deforms with the leg which is strange bcus to the thigh armature bone ive only assigned the thigh (using vertex groups) and not the waist gear and cloth thing at the front.
  2. The clothing doesnt move aside as the leg pushes past it, which i know isnt going to happen by itself but I’d like to know how to pull that off.



Thanks for any help

You would defineatly either need to A) use the cloth modifier or B) simply rig it with its own bones (and weights) parented to the thighbone. Then you’d have to keyframe that “child rig” to make the movements.

For the cloth modifier you’ll want to select all of the vertexes for the cloth piece and press P to make them a separate object. Keep the armature modifier and vertex groups and then create another vertex group along the top of the cloth object and assign it to the hip bone. (or whatever bone set up you have there at the waist).

Then create a very simple collision object that is the basic shape (or can be copied from) of the thighs only. This object would be deformed by the same armature and weights of the body. When the animation is finished. Put both these objects in the same layer and calculate the animation of only the thighs and the cloth object. Bake the cloth object simulation. Put the cloth object in the same layer as the rest of the body.

This is not even touching on problems that will arise with the cloth modifier and so on. But is simply an overview of the set up.

Thanks thats very helpful. I keep bumping into rather depressing problems however. For some reason moving certain bones in pose mode deforms meshes that arent even associated with that bone. I have no idea why this happens. All vertices have been grouped to a bone. Do you reckon you’d be willing to take a look at it if i send u my file? All I want to do is animate this guy without things going wrong on the deforming end.

Again, any help would be appreciated.

I just noticed that this problem returned after I introduced a new waist bone and 2 bones on my waist guards (armour on waist). Again I have no idea why. I feel like I’ve skipped the basics and I’m missing something simple here.

Yeah. It is a common problem and it can happen. It does happen by mistake when weight painting or it can happen when you choose automatic weighting.

The solution I have found is to go into edit mode and in the Vertex panel methodically go through all of the groups clicking “select” to see what is assigned where. This is where you’ll find these kinds of problems. The solution is of course to select the vertexes you don’t want the bone to influence and click “remove”.

The one thing to remember is that if a vertex has any value at all - it still may even be dark blue in weight paint mode - it will show up as part of the group. One area you see this is the neck and head. This is the one area that does not work so well with automatic weights.

When you have lots of things overlapping and you are trying to paint it can get tricky. Edit mode in this case can be better than painting because you can isolate the areas you need to and assign values with the slider.

Hope this helps.

Ah yes I found the problem thankfully. For some reason the bone on the right leg was incorrectly named and didnt match the vertex group. I also found that the left hand also didnt have a vertex group. Now I know that I just need to recheck names and vertices. Thanks Richard. Hopefully I won’t get into any trouble onto the collision part (I know I will) sigh

I don’t suppose you could offer a more detailed description of what i need to do for the collision. I’ve read through it a few times and I can’t quite grasp what i need to do. Thanks

Basically you only need something that will offer something for the cloth to collide against that duplicates the legs on that part of the mesh. The simulation takes into account all of the vertexes. So when you have a full model there it is a pointless waist of time waiting for the cloth to simulate. All you need is the upper legs and the cloth in one layer. So go in a simply select that part of the legs and P to make it a separate object. This will also copy the Armature modifier and you can just use that. Or you can also model an even simpler set of tubes as legs and weigh them the same and add the armature modifier to them.

Hey thanks for everything again, I ran into another problem and I’d be extremely grateful if u also help me out on this.
Basically when rotating the fingers of the hand in pose mode this happens. The picture is pretty self explanatory.

I have no idea why this happens. Any help would be great. Thanks again

check the envelopes? I am asuming you have the vertices weighted appropriately, with no vertices from the index assigned to the middle finger or similar?

does it ever work to rotate them?
Do you have multple armature modifiers?

Ah yes, i found the problem. After u told me to check if i weighted the vertices properly i realised that assigned faces not vertices and faces shared vertices which is what caused the problem. Thanks daren.

I’ll changed this thread to solved bcus i think its getting a little confusing as to what the topic was about

Been there, done that. :slight_smile: