Need Rigging


I need someone to create rigging for a 3D rat. You can download it and check it out… (PM me and I will send you the link.) I purchased this model from cgtrader as .obj. It was not originally created for Blender. It opens in Blender, and has rigging in a separate layer. I could probably create the rigging myself, but it would take me some time, and I’m on a deadline. The model does not have to be animated. I just need to make various poses, including opening the mouth. Please give me your best price; tight budget. Thanks

I tried downloading your file. But I had no luck. It says it unsafe to download it. My internet security said that. Otherwise I would be happy to do it for you.

Glassdog, I will post to my Dropbox account, and privately send you a link. But the file is perfectly safe.

This job has been completed. Thank you for your interest.