Need Second Opinion

I can not decide which of the following renders to enter into the WC.

Here they are:

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PP using Photoshop, blended in the shadow cast by the model on the image. This one seems more magical.

(I discovered the Ambient Occlusion button)
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No pp, I like the brightness of it, it looks like clay.

What do you think?

wrong forum?

The first one is so dark you definitely shouldn’t enter it. Of course, with the second one, it’s more obvious the model is on top of a photograph…

The lighting and quality of the ornament do not match the photo, and the string just sort of ends and doesn’t go behind any of the needles of the tree. You should use the second one, but in post pro replace the needles that would pass in front of the string.

The needles also don’t cast shadow on the ornament. Don’t know what you’d do about that…

Umm, the second one…

Thanks, I’ll see what I can do with PS. If I can’t get it to look right, perhaps I should get another shot?

How’s this:
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Lighting isn’t quite right (from picture, I think right side should be brighter), but it’s a lot better.

Lightened up the right side and added a few more details.
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Thanks for your help!