Need Sequence Editor Help.

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I have been learning how to use the Icarus program, and I’ve gotten to the part where I think I need to use the sequence editor. I have absolutely no idea how to use it.
I need to have my blender animation play over a .avi movie, but I don’t know how.
If someone could post a link to a good tutorial, or even just explain it here, that would be greatly appreciated :).
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Set the World to black. In the render buttons (F10) turn on Premul, set the output format to an image type that supports alpha (Targa, PNG, etc), turn on RGBA and render the animation. You will get an image sequence. Then, in the sequence editor, click Add > Images and locate the sequence. Hold shift and RBM until they are all selected and load load them. When you get your movie and Blender animation in, put the Blender strip over the movie. Shift select both of them and do Add > Effect > Alpha over.

Note there was a bug that when importing an image sequence: the filepath could not be longer than 32 characters (C:\Documents and Settings…), so you may need to temporarily move the file containing them to C:.

Hope this helps.



To load a movie (or whatever) do Shift-A keys in the Sequence Editor window
and choose the desired item

Now you can render your animation with a transparent background
in AVI format and load it too or open your animation blend file and load
the entire scene
Is this clear?

There are AVIs that support alpha in Blender now?

How do you do that?


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good point Laurifer, you’re awaked :slight_smile:
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Save your animation in TGA or PNG, with the RGBA and Premul buttons enabled
and them load them in the sequence editor
You must add a Alpha Under or Over to get the trnsparency
But you don’t need to render it. You can load a scene too