Need serious help with aircraft retopo

I have a model of an aircraft that I need retopologized. I’m squeaky new to modeling so I’m not too good at it yet. The model has horrible geometry (not mine) and I need help. This is for a short project for my school. Any help would be great.

What aircraft is it? And what is your deadline?
I haven’t done much blender modeling but I’ve made a lot of airplanes in other programs.
You may have better luck just rebuilding it using the original as a guide.
Witold Jaworski wrote a good book about aircraft modeling for blender 2.79

Will it need rigged unwrapped and textured as well? Or do you just need the topology cleaned up? Also as stated above, what is the timeline to get it done and what type of aircraft is it? How heavy poly are you also needing?

Here’s a zip of the file. It’s a doozy :neutral_face:

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I have a soft deadline of the 16th of August.

It’s a B-52H Stratofortress. Here’s the link.

Yeah that is a little more time consuming than I currently have the time to really dive into. Thank you for posting the file to let us see before jumping into the deep end on something that might take a little longer than expected. I am sure that someone else that is a hard surface wizard would be able to do in a timely manner. Thanks again for the heads up.

Yeah it’s a bit of a mess. It was probably converted from some other program. It has a lot of details and it’s a big bird anyway. How many shots is it supposed to be in? Close or medium shots? What parts need to move? Is it supposed to be in flight or on the ground? Also what year is it supposed to be in?

I only needed it retopo’d. I was going to texture it and animate it kind of like a car commercial.

No problem :joy:

I’ll do what I can to clean it up. It is kinda of a dogs breakfast. It has a lot of detail. It also has a lot of useless polygons.

The model is a high poly shell for baking normals it would be more efficient to retopology it if you want to use it in a game ro something and then bake maps form the high poly shell. Still it’s a lot of work.

@tigerlilly What exactly do they expect you to deliver?
A game ready mesh or a mesh for VFX?
I just took a look at the provided file and at least to me the provided model seems quite of.
The body appears thin and the cockpit area is way too tiny to me. I am no expert on aircarfts at all but just compare to this
Are you sure the model is ready for retopo?
You should really have a proper scalemodel before you start worrying about topology.

It’s solely for VFX. I’ll be texturing it myself. I wont be showcasing what the inside looks like since it’s classified. (I asked for pictures from Air Force bases, and that’s the response they gave me.)

The model isn’t the best quality, but its what I got from Boeing themselves. I didn’t complain since they waived the price fee. It would’ve been stoopid expensive. At least for me.

I got the model at least broken down into separate parts.

It’s not a question of doing a retopo. Most of the parts just need to be rebuilt. You may be better of scrounging up some money and buying a lower res model and building it up, if you can find one.
There is no way I’ll be able to get it done by the 16th.
There are two B-52 with in a few miles of me in Denver and Colorado springs. I’ve been inside a few. Really not much to look at. Most of the crew member stations are looking at screens with no windows. I used to pass underneath the one in Denver every morning on the way to class and slap the bottom.

If you do a search on the forum for B-52 there are a couple of threads were another blender user made one. They are few years old but you might be able to contact them.

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Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out.