Need Short Films

Hello Everyone
I am currently producing a new TV and DVD series featuring short films of all kinds. We are currently looking for any and all short films for the show. Short films that are selected will be paid a royalty based on our DVD sales. I think this is great way for some film makers to make some money back on their short films.

They must be appropriate for TV. No longer then 10 minutes. We do have a temp website up at it will be updated with more information soon. If you have any questions please let me know.

I think it would be great to get short films created with Blender. In the introduction to the film I would use the opportunity to have the host talk a bit about blender.

Richie Schut
Partner TRECpro

videospot o.k? (pal d1)

I have to question the legitamacy of this based on your vague post as “appropiate for TV” sounds amuratureish: There are differernt TV specifications. PAL, NTFC and now :HD?

Paid a royalty? ahum:

2.1. Broadcast License. By submitting your Film and Collateral Materials you hereby grant to TRECpro a
non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free license to exhibit and distribute your film/content with an unlimited
right to reproduce, distribute, publish, sub license, publicly display, digitally perform, sell on DVD or by
, and modify your submitted materials. However, all modifications to the film/content will be
limited to modifying the formatting and presentation of the content, including preparing translations, to fit
the look, feel, and format of the distribution channels which TRECpro will be using for your film/content.
if i remember right; royalty free means you dont have to pay no royalty.

2.3. Consideration For Agreement. In consideration for this agreement Submitter will be paid
$.15 for each DVD or Download sold by TRECpro containing the Film and Collateral Materials. Payment
will be made by check within 30 days from the end of the quarter.
doesnt this contradict the first clause? thus rendering this contract non-legally binding?

Also, you dont say much as to how your business will be like. I would hate to send my work to you and find out you’re also Slutty McSlutty who will ruin my reputation by spamming this DVD like a whore… wheres the guarantee in the contract that governs pratical use of my material?

Will things such as The credits, displaying my website, name etc be cut out etc… seeing as though you’ve gave yourself a nice exclusive right to edit “modify” my material and use it, maybe even make it look like it your own production or even try to associate yourself with my business?

Your contract stinks basically.


Thanks for your reply. I would like to clear up a few details. When we said “appropriate for TV”, we mean no nudity, violence or profanity. Which is specified in the contract.

I think you mean NTSC instead of NTFC. And we will take PAL or NTSC and convert as need be.

Sell on DVD and Download has been removed from that clause. This appears to be a near finial draft that was posted online. Thanks for catching that.

Our business is family owned and operated. We hold ourselves to very high standards. In fact we talked about using Elephants Dream as one of the shorts, and donating the money to the Blender Foundation. However some of our partners found it to be to dark for a family show.

The right to modify is necessary in case we need to adjust audio and video levels, convert from PAL to NTSC, letterbox or many other minor changes.

The concept behind the show is to provide a way for film makers to get their name out to the public and make some money at the same time. We wont be changing the content of the credits.

If you have any more questions please let me know.

Richie Schut

Much better :slight_smile: