Need short video intro (may pay $$)

I am the Director, Editor, and Supervisor for a new short film studio for YouTube. I have been working on learning blender, and though was making progress, but with directing the actors, editing, applying sfx, and keeping my writers on track (Serious ADD), I just don’t seem to have any time for modeling and animating an intro to our videos.

I’m not looking for anything too elaborate, I have a vision of two trees growing out of the ground, one grows into a capital t and one into a lower case t, with some camera work (i can do the camera work). The capital t needs to be morer detailed than the lower case and needs to start with the sprout bursting from a small mound od dirt because it will be zoomed in upon at the beginning.

I’d appreciate any volunteers that would help with this, but I would be willing to pay up to 50 dollars, depending on the extent of the work.

Please do reply to [email protected]

50 dollars! Good animators get that much per hour.
Kind regards, Jeff

you must have forgotten one or maybe two zeros, huh? :wink:

50 dollars an hour is ok, not than uncommon.

okay okay i get it, no one is kinda enough to volunteer, and you want professional grade money to make two lower tier trees for youtube. No need to be so winy about it, I’ll just do it in flash, Geez…

sorry about that, just a joke. I mean, maybe you must present the project with some more serious background, to be taken more seriously, just that. I think that there’ll be someone interested in do something like that for practicing some knowledge, testing skills and do something that will be seen for lots of people.
Luck with that!

He had me when he said he was Director, Editor, and Supervisor, didn’t mention the name of the studio or project, other than details about what he “wanted”, complained about his writers, but then used the word “morer” in a sentence…The $50 was icing on the cake.
“Only” two different trees growing from the ground and morphing into letters in 3D?
Sign me up! :stuck_out_tongue:

ah sarcasm, my old foe. btw it’s name is Tree Studios. anyone want to take a guess as to why i want trees? I’ll give you a hint, its not sexual.

actually animators and other CG artist get paid per project rather than per hour.