Need simple looping flag

I made a looping flag many years ago with another 3D program:

I need to update that image, and now that I use Ubuntu I’d like to make the new flag in Blender.

I’ve found many tutorials for making great flags, but they’re almost too good: with the emphasis on photorealistic movement, none of them do simple looping like I need to do for a smooth continuous wave.

I’m sure once I get more familiar with Blender this will be a really simple thing, but there’s a lot to learn with a program this deep and I need to update that image soon.

Do any of you know of a model or tutorial I could start with to make that looping flag?

Thanks in advance for your help. Looking forward to learning Blender.

Wave modifier ?
Alt+A to play
Tweak setting to get what you want.


wave.blend (89.9 KB)

Very helpful, Richard. I think I’ll be able to do exactly what I need now. Thanks so much for that.