Need slightly random circular stripes

I got this so far:

But the problem is it’s too random. I think what I need is something like a Wave Texture, predictable with controls for slight random spacing and size of stripes. Also, maybe the circles should all be the same size. Ideally I’d like to try both random size and fixed size. Edit: Ok sorry to add yet another requirement, I need the circles to really fill in, not have those spaces inbetween creating polygon looking spots.

node setup: (not allowed to upload blender files)

Hey, did you try changing the randomness of the Voronoi? try setting it as 0

You can do it with just Voronoi, set it to smooth and alter the randomness as needed

You can change how big the circles are by changing the value of the less than node, or convert it in a different way

The randomness of the centers of your circles is due to the Voronoi randomness. (0 randomness will give you a grid of circles instead.) But the randomness of the individual radii of your circles is due to the Musgrave (which you have set to 3D, but which you’re treating as 1D due to giving it a 1D coordinate.)

If you want perfectly regular, unrandom radii for you circles, replace the Musgrave texture with a Wave texture-- just like you thought about. This will replace those circles with waves.

If you want slightly random radii, perturb the coordinates you send to this wave texture by adding a slight random value to them (ie, a 1D noise fed by the same coordinates.)

But talking about things as being random vs random is not usually very useful. There are a hundred different dimensions of things to be random. Want to make “it” random, whatever it is? Add noise. The trick is, what is “it”?

The image I posted is very close to what I’m looking for, sorry it’s difficult to be clear. I’ll try to explain it clearly.

  1. Place dots randomly (ideally control of random size range and density)
  2. For each dot, have a random assortment of circular stripes (ideally control of randomness range for spacing and thickness of those stripes)

Ok, imagine someone taking a circle grinder and randomly griding away spots until the entire surface is filled with these spots, it’s almost like a hammered look, but instead of lots of dents it’s circular grinds.

Do you want something more like this?

You can control the randomness using the texture mapping x&y, also the Voronoi scale…
Light to dark on the mix factor…etc

Or…something more like this…

Custom Node grope grew to large to display all…so here is the blend…

Circles.blend (1.9 MB)


Ok, RSEhler, the 2nd one gets the closest to what I’m looking for because the edges are faded and makes the overlap look ok, definitely useful. But ultimately what I want I’m not sure is doable with the approach we are using. I created another thread asking how to place sprites randomly. I need these circles to be randomly placed and overlapping completely, so maybe I should look at the other thread to finish my idea (by grabbing one of these circles and placing them randomly).

The random feature on the Voronoi doesn’t do what I want, the overlap is not good and there’s no control of the range of circle size.

Yeah, you are probably right, but let me ask, why didn’t you use the custom node I sent?
It should get you closer to the random circles you need.

I used your node setup as a learning resource. But now I see the mask you are presenting. If I had a whole bunch of these layered each with another seed I could get full covererage and the overlapping style I’m looking for.