need som help :)

Hi! Does anyone know a way to apply a modifier to several separate objects at the same time without having to go and add a modifier for each one. Can I like group them and then do that?

am not sure if this is what you want… apply modifier to OBJECT1, then select (shift+select) OBJTECT2, OBJECT3, OBJECT4, etc… finally select OBJECT1, then Ctrl+C, select “modifiers” and choose the modifier you want to be “copied” to all the selected objects.

not really, but thanks for the Crtl+C shortcut

Can I like group them and then do that?

how about just join them into a single object ? :smiley:

thats what I ended up doing :frowning:

people’s just trying to see if i did good work on this Character so far,and need good opinions
on it nothing really…

still working on it though.

You probablyt want to hit ‘new topic’ in 'works in progress. for that sort of thing