need some advice on modelling

hello im modelling a fan so that i can become better at my topology, its been challenging in trying to get good topology and connect the verts seamlessly so that it doesnt changes the roundness of the base

any tips??

IF you don’t want to add too much more loop cuts to fit the section with the 4 holes into the main body of the object and still keep your model full quads without triangles, try this :

Frist rework the topology there :

into this with the help of dissolving and (J)oining

It looks less clean but it is still full quads, and the advantage is that we have only 8 vertices at the border edges

Now complete the lower part of the main body of your object :


Now the problem that is preventing us to fill the hole with full quads is that the border of that main body is 7 vertices.
But fortunately, a single loop cut will fix that, loop cut here :

Now fill with quads (or bridge) like that (in that screenshot i selected both borders edges and press CTRL+E -> Bridge two Edge loops :

Don’t worry if it looks bad, just press the Smooth Vertex button with those faces selected to relax the topology

Now you can add a few loop cuts in that face loop and arrange the topology to what you need

Even if you don’t want to add loop cuts inside of the face loop,in the end you’ll have still full quads and the subsurf will then keep doing a good enough job

thank you sanctuary!!! i’m going to have to put you on speed dial :yes: that was so helpful and fast