Need some advice

I have to model this, actually very simple, paper tessellation, but I’m at a loss.

that is an example of the folding pattern. The actual configuration I’m trying to model is the one on the right of this picture:

I also have the “flattened out” version of if. But I don’t even know how to approach modeling this stuff. I’ve been trying for over a month to come up with some technique that would allow me to simulate the behavior of folded paper, so as to ease the modeling, but I just gave up on that(tried skeletons, rigid bodies, soft bodies, et al). Now I’m just trying to model the result as it is. I’m one step from just building the paper model and measure it by hand, but I could really use some alternative.

This is not really a “Blender” question, more like a general modeling question, so sorry to bring it up here, but it is the only modeling forum I’m a member of. Still, if you think any other software could do the trick, please do tell.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Suggestion: Model the triangles then use a Baloon operation to combine them with the plane.

alternate suggestion: Model one triangular thing. Then create a plane with lots of subdivision. Copy the triangular thing and rotate as necessary. Figure out the soft body options and drop the plane on the triangles.

Baloon operation? I’m sorry, I’m not very sure on what you mean.

Thanks for the advice, anyway, but if you can explain a little more it would be great.

To use booleans select 2 or more objects and hit “w”. Then select the one you want.

Note: for “difference”, the object with the dark pink selection will be subtracted from the other object.

Note 2: The boolean operation keeps the original objects, so you may not see much untill you delete the originals.

oh, “Boolean”, ok.