Need some assistance with particle effects

Hi everyone.

I’m a little bit new to particle effects and I’m having difficulty increasing the randomization of my particle simulation. There is a decent amount of randomization In my animation so far that I am enjoying; however, the biggest issue I have at the moment is that I do not understand how to remove the location of the center particles. It looks like a fountain of particles emitting from one location on the plane and I do not want that happening. Thank you for time if you took a moment to read this!

I am using Blender 2.79 and the cycles engine.

Be more specific (ie. mark it on a screenshot), but for best solution just post the scene or a test file.

Do you notice in the center of the floor plane how there something that looks like a very isolated area of particles that seem to burst out of the center? I’m trying to understand how to use the particle effects to truly make it random without having that center burst of particles.

I have no force modifiers on, just the particle effect on the floor and wall that has gravity reduced to 0.017

apologies for not marking it on the screenshot the first time.

Here is the blend file as well
Kamome Sano (WRLD RMX).blend (4.8 MB)

Disable Bevel Modifier on “floor and wall” object or, if you wanna keep it, check “Use Modifier Stack” (and know the ordering goes bottom up) under Particle properties. Blender is finicky about such details. Will this do?

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That did the trick! Thank you for your help burnin, and I appreciate the recommendations of including the blend file so someone such as yourself can help assist.

No problem, openness is the most efficient way of communication :wink:
Keep it up and have a blast :smiley:

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