need some blender game help

so I want to try to make a game in blender like a rpg. But what I like to know is how to make a blender online game such as a mmo rpg or mmo fps but with little coding as possible.So basically I won’t to know if there’s any addons for blender to building games easier with little to no coding. Also if anyone know of any blender game sever addons that would be great two thanks for the help.

Its impossible to make something like that will little or no coding. Games like that all pretty much 90% coding.

My recommendation if you really want to make games in your life is to learn how to code. Blender has a great community that will help you with everything along the way.

Before you begin this journey write the game mechanics down on paper somewhere and break them down into smaller pieces, then come back and ask us how to do a specific piece.

Oh ok thanks. Do you know of any website that have video tutorials on making games in blender

Youtube is a good place to start and this forum.
Go to the finished or wip games subforum and download some games, open them in Blender and you will see how they are made.