Need some creative/asoweme ides for making a game in UPBGE!

Hello guys, its me INDIAN UPBGE GAME RENDERER, and today I want to request something from you all ! I need some asoweme/creative ideas for making a game conpletely in UPBGE!! Please provide me some ideas and after one is fixed, i will release its updates on my youtube channel (channel name : INDIAN UPBGE GAME RENDERER), please give me some ideas, and after I get enough ideas, i will create a poll to finalise my final game, please give me some ideas, THANK YOU!

make a game about meditation :slight_smile:


I like you idea about game, but can you please elaborate it’s aim?

Make a game about nothing!

Ummmm… wdy want to say…

Yes, make a game about nothing! And then please provide me progress shots about nothing.

So you guys are joking right​:joy::joy:
Or are you serious…

Most probably you all are joking, but I am serious and I need some nice game ideas

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
you finally got it !

i think CG_Sky is not joking

but you really need a mindset shift.
its your job to come up with ideas or to further ‘elaborate’ them and do what interests you the most. :woozy_face:


Who’s that?

Oh ok, you know how to use upbge?

Will it be like realistic car game? where you only have a car? That is not a game at all, just a model?

Uh what?

Ideas from.for a game comes from yourself, a theme could be asked for if your not sure what art direction you want to go to, but then you need to make sure that you can create that art.

Your past forum posts are like…meh, people who readed that will pass on this one. Because we know there won’t be a game at all from you, but the game would be created by the community, and you can then brag about it.

Sorry but it’s ‘the truth’. (<-- hey that’s a great theme)


Bro, you are somewhat right…
But I am actually serious about the car game, but that one video was only a out the model showcase, and due to hardware limitations i am not not able to implement any mechanics, so I need to stop the development on that, but I just wanted some theme for a new game, I am sorry if you are disturbed

Don’t worry i’m not, just saying what most are afraid of to say.

If you really want to make a game, you need python. There is just no way to make an advanced game without it. So i suggest to learn that first.

Learning don’t have to be boring, just create a game with python and learn it trough that way. Start small, once you know the basics you can go take on bigger projects. Don’t think like…: i’ll be fine… You’re not.

So a suggestion what you should do would be:

  1. get the hang of python basics
    – how to call objects, alter their properies, positions,etc.
    – how to grab and use sensors and controllers
    –how to debug some code (print statements, etc)
  2. Now that you control the basics, go build a small game
    – a cube pushing another cube till it’s on the right spot, for example.
    – create a character running around
    – expand the options the character can do, jump, fly or swim etc.
    – Keep expanding your small game with options you like, add a car, add a world to live in etc.

Once you get all this then you control the basics and you are ready to fire up a bigger project.


Lacking Creative ideas?


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Something I always though UPBGE could handle very well: some sore of crowd simulation game. For example maybe an ant colony that has a group if AIs running around doing their thing. This is something that always fascinated me and would be a very compelling “mini-game”

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Sounds like a good idea, one could go deep in to how such a simulation system could work like which i find particularly impressive.

I might dive in to some similarities in my games but i’ll showcase when i have stuff ready to be seen.


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Hows about making an updated version of this?

It was one of the worst PC games I ever bought (but so bad it was good, on some level). It was called Quarantine. Would be cool to see it done well.

Ok bro, I will try to make something like this, and will tell you what have I done!

The worst thing about games is repetition. I don’t play many games because I don’t find it enjoyable to continually learn and follow patterns. Every FPS game I’ve ever played (not many really, because they’re all the same) makes you follow the same pattern, shoot at the same guys hiding behind the same objects, who always act the same way, in the same mazes. You get to the end of a level and it just starts all over again, learning the pattern. BORING!!!

So, any game maker that wants to get ahead of the usual stuff needs to add randomization, and as much as possible. Randomize the mazes. Randomize the opponents. Randomize the special little things that make the game interesting or challenging.


Yes bro, same feeling over here, i will try not to do it in my game, thanks for the advice😁

make a car-wash game in which you can make dirty and destroy cars. At then of each car, cutscene with the custormer yelling at you.