need some docs for Yafaray tutorial

Does yafaray only work with it’s materials now? Or does it take in blenders still? How does this translate to make a scene render like Blenders render but say add some gi and caustics as well.

It’s working but I can’t get it to render it’s very own glass material

Are you maybe using too low a depth setting, or does it fail to render anything?
Post an image.

There is info available at

The doc helps from that site.
I want to make the light refrac the hell out of this glass. I want gliter and light beams and glitz. Not just some see through sphere.

Here are the settings for the glass like thing and the render settings

And the crap that is made

I will try first with a normal glass, so I would disable ‘fake glass’ and ‘transparent shadows’ for a start.

You have two buttons for controlling fake transparents shadows (fake glass and transparent shadows)
so you can have different kind of glass in the same scene, realistic and fake ones.

In yaf(a)ray the controls to get a realistic glass and a fake glass are a bit mixed: refraction, absorption and dispersion are ‘realistic’ settings, while filter color, mirror color, transmit filter and fake shadows are fake settings.

In the render general settings, I would increase raydepth untill you don’t get black refraction. In theory Gamma output and G. input should have the same value, 2.2 for Windows and 1.8 for Linux and Mac

Shadows depth is for fake transparent shadows, a sort of fake ‘raydepth’

Take into account a good glass material is just a combination of reflection and refraction of the enviroment sorrounding that glass, plus caustics effects. So the more interesting that enviroment is, the better material glass you have.