Need some feedback for my first ever render

i started using blender about 3 months ago and had never modelled or anything before, I made this Henry and Scott flare gun and a box from scratch and just want to know if anyone has any tips and feedback to help me progress.

hm really nice. It is so amazing what others first renders are. mine were so bad, you can’t even imagine, lol which is why i’d never have posted them…
anyways. Somethings that come to mind, is that the bullets, I can see their flat sides, so when you’re starting with a cicle cylinder, whatever, I would start with more verts if you’re not planning to subdivide.
But I would consider either subdividing once, or just bevel a little. it’s not that noticeable.
The scene is a little dark. So i would work on making a lighting that lit it just a little more. Definitely cool to be dark.
The rust is nice, but a little too strong, especially at the end of the gun.
You must have yellow lighting cause the gun looks gold instead of silver, which is off.
The bullets ought to be more shiny.
But very nice work, it does seem like it all goes together. Love your modeling on the gun.
Oh and this is a question about hte bullets. Are these supposed to be empty shells that have been shot? Cause if so, would they look hollow inside?
Also again about being too dark, I would like to see the box a little better and the handle of the gun. for the feedback, yeah it’s meant to be a brass colour, I completely agree with you about the lighting it didn’t look that dark after render but looking now it’s too dark, here’s the piece I modelled it to, I’ll post up again when I fix a few things, thanks again :slight_smile:

thanks very much for the feedback, I’m working on fixing a few of these issues at the moment but youre spot on about the lighting, I swear it didn’t look this dark after rendering haha.

first off: quite a good render for a beginner! Especially the modelling of the gun is on point!

However here are some tips regarding the shading:

I would rotate the bullet up front so that the UV-Seam on its side is no longer visible.

The rust effect on the gun has some weird looking bright seams at it edges. I think this is because of the roughness map of the glossy shader. It seems like you used a black/white map made from the original rust texture for this without adjusting it properly. I’d reckommend using a ColorRange-Node in the node editor (supposing you’re using cycles…?) to increase the contrast of the roughness map until only the spots completely covered with rust appear on it. On the picture you can see a comparison of the rust effect that’s in your render on the left top corner and a version created with a more contrasty roughness map on the right top corner. I also used a little bump (strength: 0.02) as the harder edges of the rust look unnatural otherwise.

Hope that’s helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips R.R I’ll definitely look in to it, it’s the first thing I’ve modelled and I was pretty happy with it, I’m looking at studying game art and animation next year so I’m glad people see some potential and I shouldn’t give up on my dreams haha