Need some free extremely low poly the 3d models

Hey guys, I need the help of this community desperately, if you have followed my channel, you might have came to know that I am going to make a realistic car game in UPBGE, but due to some hardware limitations, I need to stop the development of it for some time. But I decided something… I will make a small extreme low poly car adventure game, for that I need your help.

I need some free low poly cars and low poly city models for my game, please guys, I need it, please, I need some models which looks like this:

Please guys, please I am not good at any kind of modelling, please someone do it for me please, please…

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Wouldn’t the Volunteer Work forum be a better fit for this request?

I think its better suited in the Game Engine section, seeing that hes asking for downloadable assets, and not costum made models. But if i misunderstood his intent, then i’ll gladly move it again, just wish to wait for clarification from the OP in that case.

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You might be able to find what you need in the unity asset store:

free buildings:

free cars:

Hope it helps and best of luck with your game.