Need some guitar inspiration.

Back in eighth grade my school tricked me into buying a guitar, but the classes never really happened. I tried learning from the internet, but couldn’t give I the sort of time it requires. And I wasn’t really into guitar that much, getting female attention was the only reason I had brought one.

I haven’t touched it for ages, and now I’m thinking of giving it away to someone.

I want to give it one last shot though. I’m learning to play the flute and piano as well. Those are instruments I love, and feature in some of my favorite music. But for the guitar I know of nothing. It’s not used that much in popular music here.

So I’d like to hear something that makes me want to learn to play the instrument. Any youtube links or song titles will be appreciated.

I have a guitar that I actually self taught myself how to play. Mostly, I do fingerpicking though. Probably because of my country based upbringing though.