need some helo with lightning

You might have seen this in focused critique (and even finished projects), and I’d like some help with setting up the lightning, here’s what I have so far

It’s rendered with AO and 1 sample

To begin with you need to to a clay render. Thats a mesh with a shader without specularity + only Ambient Occlusion lightning.

I don’t see what’s in the render.

there ya go

Try to think about what’s motivating your lighting - is it sunlight coming through a crack in a cave? A torch on the wall? Day or night, indoor or outdoor? What mood do you want to convey? This will go a long way helping you decide on the colors of the light, qualities of shadows etc. etc.

I was thinking about either a torch or a crack in the ceiling. I tried the crack thing, but I couldn’t make it look very good, and I have no idea how I should go around for the torch

So, I made a torch and this is how it turned out.

Any ideas/thoughts? Get Monster build.

There is a parameter to make your shadow softer.

That’s a nice build

Too soft?

Might want to consider tweeking your exposure at this point to pull out some values.