need some help (begginer)


How can I move camera? Not the one which is used for rendering, but that with which you do all changes. I know that I can move objects with right-mouse-button but it’s a bit hard for me. My ‘big’ camera just rotates around dot in the center of grid :spin:. Arrows don’t work :(. (I hope you understand me :D).


Navigating the 3d view
Interface and Navigation

Thanks. shift+f works but sometimes it’s hard to stop.:spin:

Press ‘N’ then under ‘view’ select ‘Lock Camera to View’.
Now press ‘0’ on your numpad and you can navigate the camera
just as you would navigate the view. I hope this helps.

It’s possible that you’re refering to the viewport’s “camera”* and not the object camera which you can use for navigation (i.e. “exploring” your scene from the view of the camera object, as alrealy had been told) which is not practical for technical use.
What you need is to use the mouse’s middle button, the same that is used for rotation, while pressing Shift to lock into moving mode. (Also, if you instead press Ctrl you’ll lock the zoom mode which is more precise than just rolling the middle button)

  • The boxes where you visualize your scene are just called viewports, the other ones are objects called cameras which are not the same as viewport since their role is to be a viewpoint reference for rendering.