Need some help- Bi_Pod

Ok well I have this in another thread on another WIP, but heres what I have to work with.

I want to make this, in blender.

Unfortunately the pic is at a bad angle, so im free handing it.

Here’s where Im at.

This is the face plate, and the eye socket, plus a little of the body… All of this is made with cubes (and some mirrors ect.). Im having issues with that rounded body plate on the back there,(the part that is obviously missing…) if someone could either tell me a way to do it, or do it them selves(id prefer the first) that’d be awesome.

P.S. I know the Face plate, looks bumpy, and well not quite right, and im working on it, but if you can suggest a way to make that look better as well, that’d be great.

P.P.S. this is supposed to get rigged for a walking animation when its done.

Without blueprints or more reference images, I’d say your best bet is to make a reference “cage”. Get a plane, delete vertices on one side, mirror and sub surface, and then extrude the edges to make lines that block out the shape.


Ok thank you, Ill give it a try.


Build a profile of the part. extrude several times using Extrude Duplicate tool (edit buttons)

Select the last profile. Enable proportional editing (O-key). S-key and then press 0.

Now you should have a smooth gradient
Thats where I am now. After hundreds of tries at the body piece, and some random edits, and the addition of the thigh joint.
Next Im moving to a leg, so if anyone has ideas for improvements let me know (the antenae and pods Im doing last along with Texture and detail) and how you’d do it yourself.

ok startin to feel good about this one.

Here he is with legs, no armour on them and no feet, and in a sort of mid stride pose. I also made the thigh bigger and moved it forward some.

Its really gething there!
The feets are done (leaving me at a minor 55K Verts to work with and my ATI card is telling me its time to lag!)

Next is armour on the legs, the two Antenae, and finally the two pods on the sides!
see you tomorrow!

yea thats looking good. next u just need some meat on the legs and back of head. cant w8 to c how this turns out

Not bad! Your polis structure is defenetely wrong, you can see it without looking too hard. But you will get it , you just need to get a feel for it. Nice scetch up by the way, keep going - it looks like you are in the right track

Polis? What would this be, because I have had some trouble with several things on this one (such as shaping the face and head). but thank you. This is only my 3 or 4th seriously done mesh, and Im only using it to learn the art of walking.

BTW the sketch I found by accident on the internet, I cant draw for crap. (thats why I was complaining (yet not hating) the angle of the drawing becaus eit messes with my scaleing of the parts)

If you mean the curve in the leg btw, thats because when I looked at the picture, the artist has it curved, and when I tried to make it straight, it didnt look right, and I also noticed that it would be hard to get the chicken leg look to work with two perfectly straight parts. (Plus the armour works well with that curve)

ok again issues modeling the armour, and the side pods, so for the sake of me continueing to a walking cycle, I cut my own budget and went with the not rounded legs and i just ditched the pods (I have the general legs, and a soft mesh body, and since this isnt a mech i intend to show off, I figure I can leave it here until I decide to go further with it)
So here he is in a end walking pose, just to show what I have…
And some texture…
Ok im off to find the rigging Tutorial

Interesting. Got a nice project going here. I would work on getting it a bit more stylized. Like in the reference shot. Just change some minor stuff. e.g. Make the bottom of the armor aroung the legs wider than the top. I think that would really help. A good texture job could also do wonders for your Bi-pod. I would work myself into some more details before starting rigging. Just a suggestion of course.

Also, and I know this is kind of an opinion matter, but anything with the default blue as a background color makes me kinda cringe. Would be nice to see a diffrent background perhaps?

Good project, nice progress. Try not to rush it.:wink:

I like the original draft, is it yours?

nice modelling. Just make the lower legs armor more rounded, like the reference, and fatter near the foot.

Well like I said, the drawing isnt mine, and this is meant to help me with rigging. But I was a little overworked last night and just tired of struggling to make it look right, so I suppose I could work out the glitches.

ok here it is (no background my school comp cant take it!)


Lighting! did this for the fun of experimentation with a spot light so yeah it dont look so good.

Yafray! my final render of the guy will be a yafray, so I worked the lighting and spent over 2 hours making it right, due to a 20 minute render time!
Next is posing and rigging!

Wow, this looks great!