Need some help converting my material node to CyclesRender-Engine

Hey guys,

I have made with some help a terrain with a snow shader.
So I used material nodes to create a snow shader to color only sheer rock walls of the terrain with ground color and the other part with snow color.

Now I want to make this possible in cycles, but I have some problems to find the right solutions. To realize the snow shader, I have a sun light above the terrain which light goes straight down and is grouped. In my material node I have a material node which used the “Light Group” option with the sun light as the value and exclusive enabled.

Here is my material from blender internal:

Ok I think the two materials node for ground and snow can I realize with two Diffuse Shader combined with a mix shader, but I have some problems with the LightGroup and to convert this part of the material. It’s the upper part with the ColorRamp.

I hope someone can help me and this is the right place to ask this kind of question. When some points are not clear I can try to explain it with more detail or attach some pictures with the options.

Greetings, Strece

did you try it with mix shader and may be diffuse and color ramp in cycles

show some pic of image for this effect

but should be possible i guess

happy cycles

Hey thanks for your answer, ok I atached two images from the setup of the material with the LightGroup option and the result I get with the BlenderInternal and want to get with Cycles.

This ist the material setup, that used the sun lamp which lights straight down on the terrain. But this only works in BlenderInternal, I don’t find some similiar option in Cycles.

In the result you can see, that only the sheer rock walls have the ground material. That’s the problem I have to realize this in a good way in Cycles.