Need some help - don't understand - Tutorial?

Please help me… (<- really)

I need a good tutorial how to make this:

  • Pick up weapons
  • Pick up ammo
  • Display ammo (on HUD)
  • Make a limit to the ammo that I can’t pick up or carry 1000 bullets for a pistol

– I’ve got time, so please write the tutorial slowly that I could understand it

seems like our little genious here needs to learn some python for his gaaaaaaaaaaame…

i think you can do most of it with logic briks, i dunno how tho :Z

Metal!!! dude dont say that!

well basicly to pick up thin just have it when the player touches the oject it adds a gun and bullets.

All i would have to say is your are going to say you need to read up on touch and collision sensors as well as the expression controller., oh and also edit object:end object

Go here for some reading its the best i know of…

i would use python that way different ammo boxes can hold different amounts of ammo with using only one collision sensor

if col.isPositive():

what do I need to do with this script?
and how it works?

I need some examples…
I don’t wan’t to read about that collision stuff, cuz that doesn’t solve
my problem… But I got more smarter tho’.

okay first off the script wont’t help you one bit if you can’t figure it out any other way because python is just a different way a doing your function (with lots more options). i have made a simple game that i use totaly with logic bricks and it has a switch weapon and a ton of other stuff that you want. including different ammo i’ll. email you it

Could some1 make a blend file how to pick up weapons and ammo…
I tried some logic bricks, but I did something wrong… Please only logic
bricks and no python…

Can some1 help %|

Just open runtime games with blender, like you do with blend files. Then look afther all the logic bricks, that should work, because that’s the way I learned the game engine, but I’m also figuring out how to do things like you asked. Maybe play around with the properties, property sensor and actuators.

I have tried that, but I still have something missing, cuz things I tired
don’t work… I tried somethin with colllision, but had something missing…

I wonder if I could still download the Halloween demo and look at it’s logic
bricks… Ineedanewbike(Phil) could help me :expressionless:

Heya Xintoc,

This isnt everything you wanted to know, but it shows you how to deplete your weapons and reload them by touching a reload icon in the game.

Hope that helps some!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!