need some help for anatomy proportion issues

Hi guys i need some feedback for my model :smiley:

Hey! if you can do a head like that, I’m sure you can do the body a lot better! come on, give it a try, it is too soon to ask for feedback, it is going well, just keep going. (don’t forget to use references)

use an anatomy picture of the human body as background to get the proportions

yes i know i can do it :D:p.
i’ll update he and post :o

Don’t use a image in the background!!! just do it by eye, it may seam harder, but at the end it is a lot faster wen you start seen everything falling in their place. Use references, but don’t trace if you want to improve, if you just want to be done with it, then trace all you want, but you will not learn as much.

use an image. try and error is a waste of time and the result is the same in the end, but only if you are lucky.

Hahaha I love that you are right but I just don’t think that that is true. If you do it like that you will allwais need a gide, and you can not go away of that proportions, that are just one proportion, if you go by eye, you start to do diferent things and experiment, and have a sense of esthetic, average proportions are not the only proportions.

Yeah, but it’s usually better to get it looking acceptable with a reference image and then play around and experiment later.

This is a far better method to train your eye than tracing over. You learn to see relationships between things that would otherwise pass unnoticed. Second it moves you away from the purely technical aspects and you get a feel for things.

sounds weird. you will not create hundreds of characters, you will create a few and reuse them. so why train the eye to learn something that it doesnt really need.
and it sounds like learning to fly before you have learned to walk. i prefer the background image. you can turn it of whenever you want to go creative. i have tried both ways and using an image makes the first steps so much more successfull.

It really depends on what you are doing with the program and what you want. If he wants to create characters he needs to train his eye. If he’s just using them as a prop in a scene why would he just not go and buy a rigged model and edit that if one needs something more specific?

Some updates in my model :evilgrin:. Don’t fight guys :no:. i think people don’t have the same system for learn something.

This idea comes from my drawing experience, but when you are designing a character, try to think about who they are? try to summarize their whole identity into a word or two. Like “honest”, “brave”, “crooked”, “evil”…etc. Then use usual stereotypes to get an idea of the morphology you’ll give your character. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s what everyone does anyway. So, as an artist, you should use that to your advantage and try to use stereotypes to convey messages. So for example a character that is more sneaky and evil would have thin arm muscles and the back shouldn’t be straight with the head a bit forward. You get what I mean…Picture your characters before you make them, and then use morphology and proportions to convey a message. Good luck!

I think the abdomen from the hips up and the torso are too big in relation to the limbs, and maybe the head. Also the lower legs are tiny. I don’t think you can do this just by eyeing it, get a reference image and put it in the background images. That’s how I’ve made every character model I’ve done, and there are still several adjustments I have to make after.

Looking good. Grab shoulders at the deltoid and move them up slightly. Limbs need to be thicker. Everything fron hips downward needs to be slightly wider. Keep up the good work!

The hands and feet are way too small. The hand is as long as roughly two-thirds of the face, the the foot is as long as the forearm. The feet have no toes, the fingers are entirely too short. the legs are about the correct length–they make up more-or-less half the body height–but the knees are places to low. He might be a little too thick all around in the upper body. Shrink it a bit, or fatten up the other limbs to match. With the muscle definition thus far, his abdomen muscles should be better defined, instead of a smoothness. The crotch, whether you plan to add sexual organs or not, should be at an angle, not totally verticle. The neck muscles go all the way down to the collarbone, and attach there just before the little dip.

I think you’re doing well so far, just tripping up on minor technical details.