Need some help hand modeling

I have been working on a hand model for a little bit and i have the bone setup right i can get it to move like i want pretty much but i cant make a hand to save my life i would like to if possable see a video tutorial on making stuff like that but a writen one will do if there are any im trytin to make a character for somthing to work on but i cant make models and if there are any tutorial on making models i would appricate that very much

–basicly i need a tutorial on how to model a hand the animating part i can get later

i have been recomended this
but im stuck where it says " Fill the front faces, use the knive to subdivide. Fill the sides." im not sure how to fill the front faces as it sais on the first page if anyone could help that would be much appricated


Hey there again :slight_smile:

  1. selet vertices in black and press ‘F’ key to fill. Do that for the whole row.
  2. Now, press ‘K’ key and selet Loop cut. Make a loop cut where I seleted the red

I hope this is clear, otherwise just post and i’ll try to help