Need some help here

I am in a drafting (architecture/engineering) class. For our final engineering project we must make something in Autodesk inventor. I have no idea what to do, we have to have the proposal in by friday, then we will get 3 weeks to complete it. If anybody has any ideas or any links to sites with plans it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: also there are 2 other guys who are working with me.

Make a lock…

… or if you want to be really impressive, make a watch :D.
Maybe a RC airplane too :D. (When you finish designing it, build it to prove it works)

Or make a factory machine that takes a bin of bottles and lids, separates the bottles and the lids, then screws the lids onto the bottles.

Not sure if that possible with our 2 months of training, good ideas though. Our teacher said we should design something to assist elderly people.

Maybe you could make some sort of device that makes jar lids easier to open… they’re hard enough as it is, now add arthritis.
I’m sure there’s things out there that do that, just makes yours better :D.
Maybe you could design something that could move furniture around with little effort.