Need some help here!


I am modelling an item for a game submission. Most of what I have done so far is trial and error. It’s coming along well, but there are a few problems that seem to go over my head.

Namely it is smoothing some edges and making a neck…of a pigeon. Pics are below of the problem, and what I would like to do…

Overall project- The character is The Medic, and he has pet pigeons. For a Halloween submission, I want to make one popping out of his head.

The biggest problem- I used these pieces to make the skull pieces, and they look very edgy and blocky. I would like to round out the edge going down the middle…

Missing face…I don’t know how that happened.

And the neck is looking funny…any way i can smooth this out or make a whole neck in one piece from a cylinder or something?

Thanks in advance!

If you want to make a single non manifold mesh, use surface snapping / retopo to form a new model using the shape of the original one as a base.