Need some help on a fps demo.

So I’m currently working on a fps demo, and I think I have enough progress to show to get some help with it now.

I’m looking for “anyone” who can help out, it never seems to go very well when you just tell everyone that they need to a specific thing. Compared to figuring out what they’re best at and going from there.

So since this is a demo there isn’t really a story involved. (kinda like multiplayer) There will be things to do though.
As far as the style, I’m shooting for sci fi wasteland (everything kinda destroyed and rusted out, but also some cool sci fi stuff to break it up for some uniqueness)
I’ve been working on it for a few months now, so you can already see that it has the basic style that I’m shooting for.

This is the discord link for the project
And this is the page for my game showing all of the current progress
Ignore anything earlier that October on that page as all of that progress was corrupted and lost.
Just a heads up, my account is somewhat new so my responses take a while to appear.

nice man , but what kind of help are you looking for ? coding , IA behaviours , multiplayer , riggers , experimented texture guy ? How many time do you spec for a timeline or your project , and what type of guys are you searching to enroll to your project ?

Any, doesn’t matter what your best at any help is appreciated and needed.
As far as when I plan on having it finished im not sure, I just had some stuff come up recently and unfortunately wont be able to get any more progress on it till the end of the month. But I cant wait to get back to it, I really hate having to let it sit there for that long.

Nice,very nice

thx, I wish I could get more work done on it faster but its slowed down a lot since I started work

Did you try to optimize the scene. Like occlusion culling, LOD, texture size etc. Since you are using fog, lower the camera far value, it will cull lots of objects than.

no, I haven’t gotten to that point yet. plus I haven’t done much optimization either, so we’ll see how that goes

some progress on it, finally started getting into the gameplay

Heres a screenshot from it as well.


wanted to try something different, so went for a poisoned air look

the green is a bit to hard to look at. the arms could wave around less.

those are some kickass guns though. the head bobbing is surprisingly natural looking.

thx! what do u suggest on the color of the fog? or do u think it just needs to be thinner

Maybe…less shade of green but …I would recommend … do not change it …if you like it and it sits to the overall atmosphere of the game or demo…later you can set it in the menu to change the fog color.
…what monsters will shoot …some not humanoid mutants?

starting messing around with the materials on the pistols.

wanted to go for a different style on this map, and honestly i think it looks pretty cool.

4 different parts of the map, each part will have weapons with a similar style on what the gun will shoot and what the weapon will look like.

started working on another weapon.

still needs some more detail in the normal map, but its not too bad so far.

dropped it into the game, and im impressed with how well it looks.