need some help. plz

i just joined blenderartists today because i wanted some help with a project i was doing.
so on with my problem i m making a interactive map of a building and i m also a beginner in blender so i cant find my way around blender very well what i need is a tutorial from you guys out there about texturing and how to make it interactive “being able to move in the room in first person view” and having the ability to move up and down the stairs. if some one can make it i will be really greatful to him or her. also if someone can tell me how to simplify a big area for texturing meaning i have a huge model of the building and controlling it gets tough.
also if you can can guide me to some other tutorials regarding my problem that will be great. hope someone helps plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

go to the download section, and download the demo files. These show some great stuff, one of them is a building walkthrough that I think you could use as a template. You should google for terms like “uv unwrap” for information on texturing large things.
Also look for “seams” (ctrl-E on the edges)

thanks but i was looking for someone to make a simple tutorial like a simple room so that i could get the idea cause i have no clue about how to do textures.

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