Need some help with a low poly scene

(GH0ST29) #1

I like were I’m going with this but I’m missing something I can tell and I would love some hardcore critique. I don’t care how harsh it is I just really need to know what I should do differently

(OriginalSin) #2

I like the planet but the asteroids are too evenly spaced and straight on a circle. Also I’d reduce the polycount on them a lot, the level of detail compared to the planet is way to high.

The Background needs some more and better distributed stars, they kind of cluster in groups now.

(GH0ST29) #3

Ok just did what you said and its looking a lot better. I would like make the planet have various colors on it instead of just blue. I have tried adding a color ramp but that doesn’t work any idea on how to do that

(Cubezz) #4

It looks very nice but I would try to make it a little bit brighter and maybe light it from the side since you will probably get more interesting shadows.

(OriginalSin) #5

On a per face basis or just overall coloring like white pole caps? Or like craters? Or just general noise?

All of that can pretty mucb be achieve with gradients/noise plugged in color ramps. Do you have a reference to give more detail on your ideas?

(GH0ST29) #6

actually I just figured that out how to get it to work :confused:

(GH0ST29) #7

Something more like this?

(OriginalSin) #8

The quality of your coloring borders are too similar to the detail level of the mesh. I’d make the bordes blurred. The way you did it breaks the interesting graphical shadow effect you get from low poly art. Of course just my opinion, other may like exactly that effect.

(OriginalSin) #9

For sure not a great coloring job but as an example how to work with gradients and noise.

(GH0ST29) #10

What do you mean by the boarders?

(GH0ST29) #11

did what you had here but this is what it comes out as

(JA12) #12

You’re using color mix instead of shader mix. Green shader sockets has to connect to other shader sockets and nothing else.

(GH0ST29) #13

Yea I ended up seeing that lol I guess I wasn’t paying attention